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The Medicine Wheel

by Heart Song Warrior

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Water 08:29
Water We are being turned in, whirled, stretched and spun into motion.  Everything is moving.  Being pulled into the descending motion of gravity.   This is the downward caress and singing of rivers on rocks of pain,  washing free the burdens.  In the cells, in the molecules, the bones and blood and sinew of the body  the water is breaking free.  Strings of moving light, waterfalls of thoughts, hopes, aspirations.  A new beginning. Watching. Listening.  Nothing stops here, there, here is the Source and now it is gone.  Here is the feeling, here is the heart.   It cascades through us.  The dark and light of water.  Oh the joy is there and also the despair.  They move together in the same current.  The stream becomes the river and the river finally meets the ocean.  All is moving down into the rocks, roots and gravel, moving the bottom.  A hot yellow sun evaporates the water. Water moves upwards and condenses.  Clouds appear and fill with the tears of rivers.  With the sorrows and hard times of humanity.  It is raining. Don't hide from the rain.
Earth 06:41
EARTH A heartbeat to the west In the rib cage of the earth A heartbeat Fashion me of clay, fashion me of alabaster I am yours, old earth In the slow light, in slowest light a possibility whispers me awake The memory runs deep It empties into the silent depths That hide in the dark of stone This is where we have come from This is where we are going On the palms of your hands In your bones and blood and heart This is the map. Follow it The geography of what you are Emerging possibility Where we are born and where we die This is the map to follow This is the map, follow it now I am yours old earth, my first lover you are in my bones Rocks and roots beneath my feet I am returning to you, I am returning Roots grow through ancient rock Deep into the darkness The tree of my body grows the earth Within me Don't be afraid I reach outside me to light My branches reach inside me to light I reach in and outside me to light Mountains and sky Calling, calling you to come home. Come home to this ancient belonging Opening to the deep heartbeat of light
Air 07:52
Air I breathe in, I breathe out I breathe in, I breathe out, I breathe I raise my arm, I follow the question Through landscapes of air Limitless, the question My heart follows, everything holds together This belonging to space I close my eyes, there is nothing to see There's nothing and everything, nothing and everything Throw your arms around yourself, embrace who you are This is who you are, what you are Breathe through the heart of everything I breathe in, I breathe out, I breathe in everything Everything holding together, this belonging to space I close my eyes, there is everything to see Beyond the limitless space of who we are Wild wind, I breathe wind Wild wind, hear me, hear me, love me, Move me, breathe me, take me inside the edges of the world Bring me new eyes, bring me new ears Wild wind hear me, Wild wind move me Wild wind breathe me, Wild wind love me Wondering what lies beyond Limitless, the question The question of life, of death, The strange unexpected mystery I breathe in, I breathe out, I breathe in, I breathe out, I breathe
Fire 07:34
Fire The sun will never go down The light is breaking through We have become spirit, We have become light We have become spirit, We have become light We are fire. Begin the long journey into yourself Begin the long journey into yourself Ask yourself the question Everything to give away, Everything to lose Everything to give away, Everything to lose Everything to give away, Everything to lose I am not afraid I hold it in my open palms I am fire bound I will not reach up, but I will reach down I am fire bound White fire of the stars Orange fire of the sun I am fire bound How fierce if the fire burning within you? I am fire bound Dismembering, tearing down, destroying Shadows merges with tears and flames All burns and merges Everything to burn away now I am fire bound The sun will never go down The light is breaking through
Spirit 05:59
SPIRIT You must risk everything for this.   Still, wind blows from every direction And pine boughs crack and break Under the weight of a ten thousand glistening snowflakes Still, you don't know what love is We hunch together in dark caves of fear Visited by ghosts of loss, War, famine, genocide Good and evil cut through the heart of most things Still, after the sorrow, flocks of red and green birds Arrive to bring you to bright joy They were always singing Listen to the music of kindness Listen how they whisper you awake Still, we are lost and then found Over and over and over again And all begins right here again You must risk everything for spirit In the hearth of your soul A homecoming to your true belonging A companionship with everything Through all the great seasons of life It is always there A deep well of love within The still point in the center of your heart The one who knows


Heart Song Warrior is a musical project that focuses on raising awareness towards our connection to nature and to the soul.

Our debut album called The Medicine Wheel is a musical tribute to the five sacred elements of the shamanic medicine wheel. There are five tracks, one for each of the five elements of the medicine wheel (Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Spirit). The lyrics are poems about the elements and the music is written to evoke the elements, like a guided meditative journey through the elements.

The music draws influences from various styles including Acoustic, Folk, Soft Progressive Rock, Classical music and World music.


released December 15, 2015

Music composed by Julien Valiquette
Lyrics written by Trisha Pope

Julien Valiquette: Voice, Keyboards, Guitar, Electric Double Bass, Percussions
Trisha Pope : Voice and Flute
Estelle Tison : Violin


all rights reserved



Heart Song Warrior Montreal, Québec

Julien Valiquette started his music career in the mid eighties as a singer, keyboardist and/or guitarist in various bands.
He toured the province of Quebec's Rock bar scene for many years as well as many festivals and events
Julien Valiquette was trained in classical piano and voice and earned a Masters degree in musical composition and writing skills in 1996 from Université De Montréal.
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